Core Values

Ketta Pumps 10 core values

1 Wow customer care
We delight our customers with support well above the accepted industry standard
We find a way to Wow our customers with something exceptionally good as we do business together
Our team choose their own way to Wow our customers

2 Integrity, uprightness, honesty, and proper conduct always
100% right behaviour in every situation, and in every relationship, always, with no exceptions
We choose to be true to the fundamental truth of righteousness because we believe in it

3 Positive teamwork
We understand that a lot more can be accomplished by a positive team than by individuals alone
We approach every challenge with various strategies
We debate the merits of each strategy and then move forward together unified behind a single solution
We expect every employee to be a contributing and constructive team player

4 Its about we not me
We are an inspired, unified and loyal team - not a group of individuals
We recognise the contributions of individuals and celebrate success as a team

5 Respect and care
In the heat of the day-to-day we always retain our respect for each other
We learn to understand and appreciate the skills and attributes of others on our team
Life has its ups and downs and we care for each other at each point
We help each other out with their tasks and challenges as required

6 Humility and patience
We are not about being proud or arrogant
We will be patient with ourselves, our team and our customers

7 The Ketta brand is unique - not "me too"
We understand that to be profitable we need to innovate
We are always looking to new ideas for operations, products and marketing

8 Change for the better
We expect the whole team to be a part of innovation
We heartily accept change as it occurs

9 Ambitious goals
We set ambitious goals for the future
We expect all of the team to work together to exceed these goals

10 We laugh
We enjoy standing back and laughing in the whirlwind